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Bullying is a children’s rights issue. At Kilninver Primary School we are committed to the prevention of bullying through effective programmes on wellbeing, equality and inclusion, positive role models, and healthy relationships. We believe that it is fundamental to address the detrimental impact of bullying on the mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing of our children and young people and to remove the obstacles to learning and personal fulfilment that bullying often creates.

We are also aware that children and young people who display bullying behaviour may have underlying problems that need to be addressed.

Bullying behaviour will not be tolerated at Kilninver Primary School, instead we will work hard to identify and eradicate such incidents through;

  • promoting respectful relationships between staff and children and amongst children;
  • equipping staff and pupils with an enhanced understanding of how to identify and deal with bullying behaviour
  • participating in the national Anti-Bullying week
  • meaningful class-based and whole school activities
  • providing appropriate support and intervention to all those involved
  • working in partnership with parents/carers