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Updated legislation introduced in May 2018 and requires all businesses to protect and properly manage all customers’ privacy data – this includes Local Authorities.  The main changes under GDPR are:

  • GDPR give people more rights to know how their personal data is being used.
  • It gives them the right to be ‘forgotten’ and their personal data deleted if they wish.
  • It enables people to see what personal data is being held about them and to make sure their personal data is correct.
  • It gives increased importance for the protection of children
  • It creates increased importance for not allowing people without permission to see or use others’ personal data
  • If someone’s personal data has been used by people without permission, they have to be told what happened.

The full detail of the new legislation can be found at

A link to the general privacy notice for education can be found at   This privacy notice outlines the information that we require to provide Education for Children and Young People, who we will share that information with, why we need the information, what we will do with the information and how long we will keep the information.