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Parental involvement

At Kilninver Primary School we recognise the value of parental involvement and are keen to work in partnership with our families.

Planned in to our school calendar, which is issued to parents at the start of a school year, are curriculum focused events for parents to take an active part in. We endeavour to communicate regularly with our families through email, text and letters. Our termly newsletter is a key way in which we share the learning and achievements of pupils.


Pupils are encouraged to complete weekly homework tasks and we ask that parents/carers take an active interest in this to reinforce key learning outcomes. Regular homework includes spelling and reading tasks, Big Maths Learn-Its and the occasional numeracy or topic related challenge.

Becoming Involved in School

The school values the important part that parents/carers play in their children’s education and sees partnership with parents/carers as an effective way of enhancing children’s achievements and promoting better school ethos and communication.

If you are interested in contributing to events, sharing skills or being part of the Parent Council please contact the Head Teacher to discuss further. We’d love to have you on board.

Opportunities for Parental Involvement

During the school day:

  • Helping in class with learning activities including reading Art/Craft activities
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise in some aspect of the curriculum, e.g. topic talk, history, science, health
  • Practical activities in science, maths, social subjects, health education (e.g. first aid) or technology
  • Reading stories to groups of children, playing reading/phonics games
  • Supervising board games
  • Teaching playground games
  • Supporting educational visits/trips
  • School concerts – making costumes, props, supervision of children
  • Road safety – Cycle Training

Outwith the school day:

  • Fundraising events
  • Trips e.g. sporting events, concerts
  • Extra-curricular activities e.g. coaching, sports/art clubs/country dancing/school grounds – maintenance of garden/allotment areas

If you wish to be a regular parent helper, PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) checks must be completed.