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Promoting Positive Behaviour

Good behaviour is essential to good learning.  The general aim of the school is to provide an atmosphere of mutual respect and collective responsibility.  Pupils, parents/carers and staff all have an important part to play in producing and sustaining this positive ethos.  The rules of the school are of a common sense nature, bearing in mind the interest and safety of all concerned.

At Kilninver Primary our rule is to be ready, respectful and safe.

Caring, responsible attitudes are encouraged from a pupil’s first day at school or in the pre-five unit.  Expected standards of behaviour are clearly communicated and reinforced to pupils.  Teachers and other members of staff highlight good behaviour, manners, courtesy and achievement at all times.


At Kilninver Primary School staff and pupils have a shared understanding of wellbeing and promote the worth of every individual. We work hard to build positive relationships based on mutual respect. Staff set and model high expectations, giving their best attention to desired behaviours.

We aim to offer a safe base through structured routines, clear boundaries and consistent adult approaches. We understand that all behaviour is communication and adults will respond supportively, yet firmly using a range of techniques to support pupils to identify and overcome varying emotions;

  • Reminder of school rules and expectations
  • Scripted responses
  • Time to calm
  • De-escalation
  • Coaching
  • Restorative conversations

Where required, a natural consequence for undesired behaviours will be discussed and issued.

Where undesired behaviour occurs regularly parents/carers will be informed and invited in to discuss it further and work in partnership with the school to ensure a positive outcome for the child.

Celebrating Achievement

Children work hardest when they know their work will be appreciated and praised. All staff encourage pupils at all times and in all activities to give their best. Their effort may be rewarded verbally by praise, or non-verbally by a sticker, highlight card or certificate.

The whole school celebrates achievement by giving Head Teacher certificates at weekly Assemblies. Pupils also nominate peers for awards to promote a sense of belonging. We are keen to develop our Good News wall, so please encourage your child to bring in a note or photo of any achievements out with school that they are happy to share.

Children’s personal learning targets are revised regularly, recorded in their PLPs and shared with parents at open evenings.

Wider-Curricular Activities

The school works in partnership with Active Schools who facilitate opportunities for pupils to engage in Young Leader training, Oban and Lorn sporting events and lunch time clubs.